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Find out How a Loving Caregiver Can Provide Companion Care in Pineville, LA

Perhaps one of the most overlooked problems that many seniors face is loneliness. Old age can put a person out of place, causing them to withdraw and be isolated - something that many people dismiss as normal. But the truth is that these seniors feel the need to socialize as well and old age can make it difficult for them to do that.

And even when seniors do try to socialize, it’s hard for them to be able to relate with others. Many of our elderly often don’t have friends because the people they know have probably already died ahead of them. This is why it’s possible for them to be amongst others but still feel lonely. It’s therefore important for family members to distinguish between loneliness and isolation.

In any case, dealing with loneliness is a concern that should be addressed. Loneliness can have a direct effect on the overall health and wellbeing of a person, so a caregiver should not just address a senior’s physical needs, but the emotional and social ones as well.

Let a Caregiver Give Your Loved One Companion Care in Pineville, LA

As the leader in the U.S. caregiver industry, Comfort Keepers home care goes beyond just completing the task at hand, we make sure that our home health aides are ready to not only provide the care your senior loved ones need, but to do so in a way that preserves their dignity and independence.

While our home health providers will assist your senior loved one in his or her daily activities, they will also serve as good company. They will engage in conversation, play games, and even go out with your senior loved ones, pursuing the activities they enjoy. And because we employ our trademarked interactive caregiving approach, your loved one will always be part of the decision-making process, allowing him or her to pursue the activities that he or she likes.

With our help, your loved one will never feel neglected or lonely even when you’re not around. You can rest easy knowing that your senior loved one not only has a caregiver, but also a friend that he or she can rely on for help. If you want to know more about the companion care service we offer for residents of Pineville, LA, feel free to contact us or call (318) 880-0296 and our friendly staff will gladly assist you.



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