Alzheimer's Care in Alexandria, LA

Your Senior Loved One Living in Alexandria, LA Could Benefit from Alzheimer’s Care

It’s not easy caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease. Family caregivers know this too well - they get overwhelmed by how exhausting the task can be, which is only exacerbated by the fact that they lack the experience and training to even provide proper Alzheimer’s care. In the off chance they do take a break, they look back and wonder if there’s a better way.

Alzheimer's Care in Alexandria, LA

Being a progressive disease, Alzheimer’s is a condition that only gets worse over time. Seniors who are diagnosed with the condition seem okay at first since the symptoms don’t appear as bad. But it’s only a matter of time before they suddenly show signs of major cognitive impairment. When this happens, your senior loved one will drastically need more help remembering things and keeping their routines. Nevertheless, some families continue to persevere and provide as much support as they can. After all, it’s best that they get to spend as much time with their senior loved one while the disease hasn’t progressed yet.

Eventually it does get worse. Your loved one’s mental and physical capabilities will deteriorate and everything takes a turn for the worse. Your loved one will no longer be able to attend to his or her own personal needs like grooming and personal hygiene. You’ll also notice that your loved one will have trouble sleeping, socializing, and doing other things that are otherwise typical.

Before this happens, you’ll want to know more about the disease as much as possible. This also includes doing research on Alzheimer’s care options such as the ones offered by Comfort Keepers . Make sure you keep track of your loved one’s progress as well. Family members are usually in the better position to check on the symptoms if they’ve gotten worse as time passes by. This information will be necessary when you finally consult professionals for Alzheimer’s care.

Finally, make sure you consider your needs as well. Comfort Keepers Home Care can help you take a break with the help of a caregiver who will fill in for you in providing care services to your loved one. It’s important for family caregivers to take some time off as well because this will eventually benefit the senior loved one too.

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